In SHADDLE FIELD FARMS we deal with animals such as snail, rabbit, fish, grasscutter, and chicken. We have th animals in different sizes, colour, and breeds.

SNAIL: ­Snail is the most productive and most lucrative livestock business nowadays. We have many breeds of snail but we deal with those that are for commercial purpose. We have

1. Archatina Archatina (AA)

2. Archarchatina Marginata (AM)

Thses two breeds of snail are from the same family backgrand and are for commercial purpose because they are production and reproduce many kids. Thses available in different size and they are

a) Grower Size: For farmers and breeders to breed

b) Point of lay size: For farmers and breeders to breed

c) Table Size: For consumers to consume for household, occassions, hotels, bars, etc.


RABBIT: ­As we all know that rabbit meat is the most proteneou and lowest cholestrol white meat in the world. We have 

1. Flemish Giant (FG): For meat prodction and to breed in the farm

2. Califonia: Also for meat ptoduction and to breed

3. New Zealand White (NZW): For meat production and to breed in the farm

We have them in different size and they are 

a) Weaner Size: 6wks to 8wks old

b) Grower Size: 8wks to 12wks 

c) Ready to meet (Adult): 12wks upward

d) Table Size: Fattners to consume for consumers. 3 months upwards.


FISH: ­We have 

1. Fingerling 4wks old

2. Juvenilles 8wks old

Theys are available for farmers to breed them.


CHICKEN: ­We have 

1. Day old broiler

2. Day old layer

They are for farmer to breed


To know more about the other animals, call the farm on any of our platform.