SHADDLE FIELD FARMS NIG. LTD. is welcoming you to the world of animal husbandry. 


SHADDLE FIELD FARMS NIG. LTD. is an expert in breeding and rearing of animals such as (RABBIT, SNAIL, GRASSCUTTER, FISH, CHICKEN) and crops/plant production such as cashew, maize/corn, cassava, plantain, etc. The farm reserves the right to supply you the best breeds of the animals and plant seeds/suckers. We supply animals, plant products, seeds and suckers to anyplace nationwide in Nigeria, in as much you have place your order on any of our platforms. However, the farm sell seeds, feeds and offer services on the animal and plantation of crops such as corn, cassava, plantain, cashew, etc.


TRAINING: We train interested individual, group, company, organization, cooperation, schools, institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations how to breed and rear those animals and how to plant crops such as corn, cassava, plantain, palm seedlings and cashew. We train you to become a professional farmer both on animals and planting of crops. 



Our price is #2000/kg for the period both for farmers and consumers and Buy 5kg and get 1kg free of charge. To buy, reach us on any of our platforms OR Place your order at the bottom of this page. We supply nationwide.

...Come one, come all and you will be glad you did...

Price: #2,000/kg
At SHADDLE FIELD FARMS, rabbits are available in differents breeds, sizes and colour. Only three breeds available in our farm and they are FLEMISH GIANT, CALIFONIA and NEW ZEALAND WHITE.
From: #3,000
Plantain Sucker 
Plantain Sucker 
Hybrid Plantain Sucker is here in large quantity with cheaper rate.
Price: #150/sucker
Other Products 
Other Products 
Other animals such as chickens is also available. However, we product feed for different animal in the farm feeds mill and also supply seeds to plant is part our services.
From #150 

About Us

SHADDLE FIELD FARMS is an expert on animal rearing and planting of crops. Our farm is a business that was born to eradicate low level of animal protein, to stop malnutrition, food security, to create enough food for the nation, job creation for our youth. We created our farm around 5 years ago, starting with rabbitry, snailry and planting of crops such as maize, cassava, plantain and cashew.

Due to the feedback from our visitors, we have to expand our capacity to satisfy our customers nationwide. We thank God, we are abled to satisfy our patronage nationwide and offer them the best of our services to some extents.

We offer only high-quality of animal breed, seeds for planting and customer services is always our priority.
Don't have time to come over and pick up the products you need? Our fast dedicated team will deliver them to your door step without wasting of time.
Wide Choice
A wide range of farm animals such as rabbit, snail, grasscutter, fish, chicken and seeds, sucker, farm consultation and customer services. Have any suggestions on how to improve our services? We will be glad to hear from you!